About US

About us

In the following points we will tell you about us, our vision and goals

Who are we

TUT is one of the products of the Egyptian Kings company, Egyptian Kings is a company established at 2020/2021 and licensed in Egypt.

At TUT we provide you with youth, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, but we have the distinguish option that it will be printed according to your interests and what you like.

We at TUT want you to feel free so we will leave you the freedom to choose between so many designs of what you love, according to what you see of the appropriate colors, and if this is not enough for you don’t worry we also give you the ability to design your own designs and we will print it specially for you.

Our goal is to produce products that suit the Egyptian consumer in terms of quality and price suitable with quality, customer service and after sales that fit the aspirations of our client.

In Egyptian kings we know that the way is hard and full of challenges, but we are confident of your support to overcome any challenge and we are honored to serve you.

You are at the center of our world at TUT, So we make sure to offer you an unique experience that makes your life easier.

We aim to offer our customers the fastest, most efficient, and cost-effective shopping according the quality in the least amount of time.

We aim to deserve you trust.

Browse our product catalog which contains a wide variety of designs suitable for you.

We believe that no one knows more than you, but we provide you with expert advice to help you to choose the best, compare prices, and use tips. To ensure your satisfaction.

We will provide you with upscale customer service that suits you.

We will always make sure to surprise you with our special gifts from time to time.

About our products

At TUT we appreciate the importance of your appearance to you, So we at TUT not forgetting your needs that are changing and renewing every day, Therefore, we are constantly adding new designs to our collection, To keep up with the latest in global markets, and to provide you with everything you love.

All our designs have been carefully chosen to meet your needs, and our choices have taken into account quality, durability and the joy of shopping. Let us help you buy whatever you love.

Our website

We have designed our website www.egy-kings.com to reflect our vision that you are the heart of our brand.

We are always here to provide support and assistance to fulfill your desires in a way that makes you satisfied with us.

We have been keen to build an integrated and amazing experience, focused on providing the best and saving your valuable time.

We hope to be your first destination when you need our products, and to provide you with various practical options in a fast and easy way.

We promise that our efforts and dedication guarantee you peace of mind that you choose the best knowingly and consciously where making the right decisions is a benefit for you and for us.

We are committed to providing you with an ideal browsing experience, including accurate search, accurate inventory, and excellent service at all points of our contact with you.

Although we are using the latest technology available currently, we will not be satisfied with what we have achieved, but we will continue to move forward to constantly providing you with the best, and to improving our services for more effective communication.

Our Designs

At our website www.egy-kings.com, we offer carefully selected, varied and constantly updated designs to suit your tastes and aspirations.


Sometimes we offering you a free delivery and very easy returns.

We are happy to inform you that we provide you with free delivery to your doorstep, when your purchases reach 500 EGP or above.

Our goal is to make your life easier and not the other way around, so if you do not like any piece after receiving it, all you have to do is return it to us within 14 days in its original condition, and its original packaging with all accessories and gifts – and we will promise to cooperate with you to the maximum! You can read our Return policy for more details.

TUT Reward program for customers

Our customer service program means more savings for you. We will reward you every time you buy with discounts, TUT reward points, and more. Click here to learn more about TUT Points or FAQ for more.


We always welcome your support and opinions on [email protected] or Contact us, so that we can achieve your satisfaction and reach what you aspire to.