How to use TUT store?

How to use TUT store?

Welcome to TUT store, We are working hard to make your online shopping experience easier than you imagine.

All you need to do is follow the steps on this page, and you will not miss any of our special offers, or our exclusive website features.


1. Register at

You can also browse the products on our site without registering, but you will miss our special offers and will not be able to interact with other users, in addition to that, registration on the site is necessary to be able to purchase.


2. Start shopping!

Use the Categories menu above to view all the products listed under that category. Within each category you will find sub-categories that enable you to further define your choice.


3. If you are looking for a specific product

You can type its name in the search box to appear directly to you, but be careful to type it correctly so that you get what you want.


4. As you browse and search

Check the essential information we display under each product. You can also use the different classification options on the left to select the results that best suit your needs – according to product features and price. Click on the product if you want to learn more and add to the shopping cart.


5. Check product

Check the product details, photos, specs and customer reviews. Click “Add to Cart” to purchase, or discover more designs and products.


6. Make sure to remember the products you want to own!

Click on “Add to My Wish List” or “Heart” icon above / below the desired product and it will be added directly to your wish-list.


7. If you haven’t registered yet

You can easily do that by filling out the form, or just connecting your Facebook or Google account or any other social media account with a simple click of a button.


8. View the shopping cart and click on the “Proceed to checkout” button

Just make sure that all the products you want to buy now are in the “Shopping cart”, and the products you want to buy it later, if any, in “Wish-list”.


9. If you do not find the product that you want to buy on our website

You can click on the “Request a Product” button from the box designated for that on any page of our website, and we will do our best to provide the product to you and inform you when it is available for order.


10. Relax and wait.

Our customer service team will ensure that you receive the order as soon as possible and keep you informed of the location of your order.


11. Need more help?

You can send us what you need via email for customer service.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience! Be ready to become an online shopping addict! Be sure to visit us again to get great products!

Egyptian Kings team